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    Hay fever and schools exams anxiety- The Harper homepathy newsletter

    Hay fever and schools exams anxiety- The Harper homepathy newsletter

    Hay fever season is around the corner!


    Hay fever is an allergy caused by breathing in pollen particles and by pollen getting into the eyes. You can get hay fever at any times from early sprin to late summer. The pollens most likely to cause problems in early spring are those form the trees, the pollens form May to August are usually from grasses.


    The main symptoms of the hay fever are: sneezing attacks, runny or itchy nos, itchy or watery eyes, itchy throat, palate and ears, loss of concentration, occasional wheeziness.


    The conventional treatments consists of antihistamine tablets and nasal sprays, anti-inflammatory nasal sprays and nose drops (usually containing steroids), decongestant tablets and prays to unblock nose. Steroid injections are also used in severe cases but are discouraged owing to possible side-effects such as osteoporosis, cataracts and skin thinning.


    The natural approach. As antihistamines can make you feel drowsy, there are alternatives. Tree pollens are the main culprits in early spring, so the homeopathic remedy Tree Pollen Mix, available from Helios or Ainsworths (homeopathic pharmacies) can be helpful. I also recommend New Era’s Hay fever & Allergic Rhinitis tissue salts, from Holland & Barrett or health food shops. Additionally, a good nutritional supplement is Histazyme Plus by BioCare (www.biocare.co.uk) which supports the body during seasonal changes.


    Hay-fever is a sign of imbalance in the immune system that responds well to professional homeopathic treatment.


    SCHOOL EXAMS: that time of year again


    Many children and teenagers become extremely nervous before an exam. Homeopathic remedies can help anticipatory anxieties naturally:


    Aconite (fear, panic), Arg Nit (thinks they’ll fail), Gelsenium (shaking, butterflies in stomach), Lycopodium (lacking confidence) and Phos Ac (mental exhaustion). All available from homeopathic pharmacies.


    Bach’s Rescue Remedy is always useful for any performance anxiety (from most chemists).


    Other helpful tips:


    • Staying focused; prepare clear revision plans

    • Remain positive; an optimistic attitude will go a long way

    • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables that helps reduce stress

    • Exercise during the revision period and get lots of sleep.


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    Source: Dr Harper Caroline – The Harper homeopathy newsletter
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