Meetmydoc is the blog of FINDoC.



What is FINDoC?


FINDoC is an online booking service, which allows patients to book healthcare appointments in less than 60 seconds.


With FINDoC you will be able to find healthcare professionals near you, read user reviews and book appointments in real time, anytime, anywhere, 24/7, 365 days a year on your laptop, iPad or smartphone!


Quick, simple and convenient to use on the go, we’re on a mission to make booking healthcare appointments online an everyday reality.


Why meetmydoc?


75% of people in the UK go online for health information and medical advice but this information doesn’t always come from trusted sources. It is unsurprising then that 84% of people said they found conflicting information leaving them confused and anxious. There is a need more than ever, for trusted information from medically trained individuals.